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Seller Information


I am participating in the Just Between Friends Consignment Sale as a Consignor and/or Team Member and am an independent contractor in regards to selling my items.

I, understand and agree that Just Between Friends is not responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to my items.

I also understand that JBF Coral Springs is only a broker or agent for the Consignor. JBF Coral Springs has no obligation to pay for unsold items. Title possession remains with the Seller.

I understand that I will earn 60% of the gross sales for the items I offer for sale and that I will have a $15 consignor fee taken out of my final check.

I understand that Consignors who help (team members) for a minimum of 3 hours for set up, drop off or during sort/breakdown earn $20 added to their final check.

If I am helping, I will arrive 10 minutes early for my shift, so I can park my car, check in and be ready to help. If I am unable to make my shift, I will text Lauren @954-257-2570. I will check-in and check-out on a computer for each separate team member shift.

I understand that I will receive an eCheck to the email registered on, within 2 weeks of the sale ending.

I understand that there is a 90-day window to retrieve and deposit my check. After that time, a $10 charge will apply to place a stop on the original payment and reissue.

I understand that all tags must be printed on white card stock, at least 65lb. Tags printed on copy paper could be pulled off the sales floor as they typically do not stay attached to the item. When attaching tags with a tagging gun, the tag should be attached only through the original tag on the garment or through a seam so not to cause a hole in the item, which may not be accepted at the sale.

I understand that I may incur additional fees of $1.00/battery if any battery-operated items I am selling require a battery replacement during the sale, and that there is a $3 charge for corroded batteries.

I understand that I may incur additional fees of $.25/item if I have more than 3 items pulled from the racks/floor for quality.

I understand JBF Coral Springs will sell the items I am consigning for the price listed on the barcode tags I have created, & not any subsequent changes online.

I understand if my item is marked full price, it will only be sold at full price; if my item is marked to reduce, it will be sold at 50% off during scheduled discount hours, and 75% off items marked both reduce AND donate for team members at the end of the sale.

Consignors will be admitted at their registered drop off, shopping and pickup times. Please arrive during your designated times selected and plan to be efficient in your drop off and/or pick up.

I verify that no item I am consigning is the subject of any current, pending or threatened recall notice according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

Each item is clean and sanitized, in good operating condition & is not defective, broken or damaged in any way. If any item is returned because it is defective, is missing parts or does not work, I will not be paid any amount for the sale of that item.

I understand that by appearing in a public venue as a shopper or consignor, JBF has my permission to use my image in any JBF publicity avenue they choose, & I agree that no royalty or other payment is due me because of the use of any such image.

I am the owner of and have carefully inspected the items that I am consigning/selling.

By registering to participate, I confirm that: (1) I have read & fully understand this Consignor Agreement & Liability Waiver, including the Representations & Warranties stated above;

By registering for my drop off pass, I confirm that: (2) I agree to and warrant as stated above; & (3) no one has made to me representations, statements, or inducements that change or modify anything written in this Consignor Agreement & Liability Waiver.

Seller Appointment(s)

Presale Pass(es)

Each seller, who drops off their items to sell, will be eligible for EARLY SHOPPING during Seller Presales for yourself + 1 guest. Your free passes will be emailed to you at the end of drop off.

** Children over 15 months not allowed until 3pm on Presale Day.

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